2.6 million people can’t be wrong – Climate Change petitions delivered to UK Minister

December 14, 2007 at 8:36 am 3 comments

Minister for Environment Hilary Benn receives the Climate Change Messages from 2.6 million people from around the world. Photo NG Swan TiThe biggest ever hand-in of climate change petitions has happened today, directly in-front of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali. Watch a video of the handin on our YouTube channel

The UK Minister for the Environment, Hilary Benn came out from the conference to meet with representatives of 2.6 million people, from 193 countries, who have taken action on climate change with Avaaz.org, Oxfam, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Moveon.org, Getup.org, 1Sky, Stop Climate Chaos, Live Earth, I Count and the Alliance for Climate Protection.

Mr Benn talked to people gathered and assured them that their concerns for our future where ones that he also shared and that he would take our messages back into conference discussions this afternoon.

The handover of the petition was our way of letting delegates know that there is no time for delay. Delegates have all the facts and figures they need to move forward and tackle climate change, from the Stern review, which looked at the economics, the IPCC reports, that covered the science and the United Nation’s Human Development Report, which put the human impacts of climate change in stark terms. All that is needed now is the political will.

Politicians and public servants that are here in Bali, representing their countries, need to show that they have been listening, to the experts, to the civil society organizations, but most importantly to women and men from around the world, who are standing together and demanding that their representatives take care of our future and that they take their responsibilities seriously.


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  • 2. Becks  |  December 14, 2007 at 4:37 pm

    Surely after this world leaders cannot keep ignoring the call for urgent and immedaite action!

    Loving the blogging guys – it’s my virtual route to the conference

  • 3. Steve Salmony  |  December 23, 2007 at 1:09 pm

    We really do need to sort this out faster because the “window of opportunity” to address the global challenges soon to be confronted by humanity is beginning to close. While we argue, too little action occurs.

    The “powers that be” are evidently in denial of reality and unwilling to openly and honorably express their understanding of what 2000 IPCC Nobel Laureate scientists are reporting with regard to the ominous, distinctly human-induced predicament that is looming before the human community. That many too many economic powerbrokers, their bought-and-paid-for politicians and minions in the mass media adamantly support the soon to become unsustainable global enterprise of endless big-business expansion, come what may, does not favor our children’s well-being or safety, I believe. The talking heads appear to have pledged their primary allegiance and selfish devotion to their benefactors and to the short-term `successes’ of unbridled economic globalization, regardless of the long-term potential for catastrophe that such a recklessly unrestrained and unrealistic pursuit portends. For leaders of the political economy to conspicuously ignore —- much less debunk by using denialists from ideological ‘think tanks’ —- the carefully and skillfully obtained scientific evidence from the IPCC on climate change, and global warming in particular, is an incomprehensible failure with potentially profound implications for a good enough future of our children.

    Plainly, what is necessary now is clarity of vision, intellectual honesty, coherence of mind and courage as well as a willingness among leaders to begin “centering” their attention on the probability of human-driven threats to humanity that could soon be posed by the gigantic scale and patently unsustainable growth rate of the over-consumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities of the human species, even now engulfing the surface of the Earth.

    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population


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