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Claire Seaward, Health & Education For All Campaigner, Oxfam GB by Claire Seaward, Health & Education For All Campaigner, Oxfam GB


Last week was a jam-packed, exciting week of campaigning at the World Health Assembly. We set ourselves some pretty tough challenges! Targeting world Health Ministers, organizing high profile events and dressing up in ‘70s gear to remind everyone of Ministers’ health commitments made 30 years ago.

….phew it was a lot to cram into a week!

So what did we achieve?

Oxfam were like ants – marching around every corner of the Assembly – armed with statements, hunting down Ministers to persuade them to sign up and recommit to promises for health for all.

Our allies at Save the Children, World Vision, Action for Global Health and Global Movement for Children were also in on the act – it soon became difficult to avoid us! We managed to track down and sign up a whopping 60 Countries!

The star of the day was the Bolivian minister – he managed to persuade the whole of the Americas region to sign up! Great news!

What else?

We also held two high profile events to discuss some really big issues: making sure poor people can access affordable medicines and debating public vs. private healthcare systems.

What was the point?

Well, we wanted lots of people including people from world organisations like the World Health Organisation, ministers, charities and ordinary people to come and listen and be spurred into action!

We wanted people to know how and why people cannot access affordable medicines and challenge the World Bank (head-on) that their private policies will not help the poorest. Our events were packed to bursting and resulted in some fantastic positive heated debates.

So what a fantastic week of campaigning but the pressure doesn’t stop there! We’re turning up the heat in July’s at the G8 in Japan. Why not send a wish to G8 leaders now by taking our Tanabata to demand action on Health, Aid and Climate Change!

For more information on why we are campaigning for public solutions to healthcare services and access to medicines, check out our short video messages below from Rohit & Anna, our policy advisors who were in Geneva last week:

– On public healthcare

– On access to medicines


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A story of big hair, disco dancing, and broken promises Aid works!

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