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What a difference a Head makes

The world media focus in on G8 leaders / Oxfam Big Heads gambling with Africa’s future. Credit: Craig Owen / Oxfam International.

The world media focus in on G8 leaders / Oxfam Big Heads gambling with Africa’s future. Credit: Craig Owen / Oxfam International.

Today was Oxfam’s G8 Gambling stunt. It was our first so to make sure we got the best spot we got up at 5am and were setting up at the rally site by 7.30am. There’s no doubt we arrived a little too early, as we spent the next 3 hours sitting and waiting for it all to start. Still, there’s nothing like being prepared – that’s what I say anyway. (more…)


June 2, 2007 at 1:26 pm 2 comments

Today I bought a stunt!

Becks and Angela Merkel’s Big Head. Credit: Craig Owen/Oxfam International

Becks and Angela Merkel’s Big Head in front of Rostock Town Hall. Credit: Craig Owen/Oxfam International

Today has been amazing. I love running around trying to buy random stuff that we need for stunts. It rocks! Tomorrow (Oxfam stunts team) we’ll be stationed outside the Rostock Bahnhof before the huge German G8 rally begins. The stunt involves the Big Heads gambling away the cash of the world’s poorest people and hopefully the world’s best press guys will be there to take photos.

But you might ask “Why bother doing stunts?” Well, it’s actually really important. If we can make a really good photo, it ends up in the papers – and that’s good for two reasons. Firstly, it means Oxfam’s message about the fight for social justice is seen by thousands of newspaper readers worldwide – and that means that more of those people are likely to support this cause. And secondly, maybe (just maybe) we’ll get some of those G8 leaders looking at our photos, which could help influence the decisions they make. And that means that the G8 will be working to end poverty. And that’s what Oxfam wants!

So while I have spent the day shopping in Hagebaumarkt, buying plastic tables, brown paint, and sanding paper, it is good to know that those random products might well translate into a cool picture that appears on the front of a paper the day after tomorrow. Let’s wait and see, but I know I’m feeling pretty darn excited. Keep your eyes peeled for our photos – you never know where you might see one!

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